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Traditional Chinese Herbal Treatment for Hepatitis and Cirrhosis

Synopsis of Dr. Wei de Ren's Herbal Treatment


Dr. Wei de Ren is a hepatologist, immunologist, and herbalist that has been treating hepatitis cases for 20+ years. His office is located in Manhattan's Union Square district, but he is able to treat patients domestically and internationally through phone consultations and mailing herbal treatments.

The patients of Dr. Wei de Ren have reported excellent results in the treatment of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, cirrhosis, and HIV/AIDS. Using specially selected herbs, Dr. Ren has brought ALT levels back to normal in more than 98% of Hepatitis C cases within one to two months of treatment. Even more impressive, Dr. Ren's herbal treatment has reduced HCV levels in about 95% of his patients and cut liver-enzyme counts (SGPT) to normal in more than 90% of his hepatitis patients.

This record represents a success rate unmatched by any other therapy, conventional or alternative. Yet Dr. Ren's has gone beyond these cases. Using his herbal therapy, he has successfully treated advanced cases of cirrhosis, even those exhibiting severe jaundice and water retention.

Conventional treatment normally involves repeated injections of interferon, often coupled with ribavarin, to stop the virus from reproducing. At best, the treatment is effective in no more than 30-40% of infected people. But the side effects are frequently so unbearable that many victims of the disease quit in despair and search for alternative therapies.

While many alternative therapies have been put forth, including some that include herbs and even colloidal silver, none has proven more effective than the herbal formula that Dr. Ren has developed after years of careful research, meticulous work and patient care.

His formula is a precise mixture of natural herbs which can be taken in the form of a pill or a chewable tablet.






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